BAM! Gastro… Hit… The… House!

No warning, anyone, any time. Not only the inconvenience of being up all night, and house (or hotel) bound all day, but it can spread too – with no warning, to anyone, anytime!

Intestinal absorbent Enterosgel works like miraculous micro-sponges which soak in waste products in the long wiggly tube of the gut and ensure they pass out with your next motion. Suitable for the family from 1 year old, through pregnancy and while breastfeeding, it can be taken by the family to minimise the spread. It is recommended you keep well hydrated when you’re sick and Enterosgel can be taken with medications and remedies too, just be sure to take them 2 hours apart.

Created from purified water and a 100% mineral base silica compound, it’s a tasteless gel that’s stirred into fluid and then Wham! Down… The… Hatch! An easy to take, hypoallergenic solution containing no gluten, dairy, sweeteners, fat, flavours, colours or preservatives, that travels through the gut tube and out the bottom end absorbing stomach and intestinal illness symptoms as it goes. Keeping drug-free Enterosgel in your medicine cabinet can save your momentous and not so momentous moments!

Our first shipment has arrived. Seeking Aussie stockists to bring this long awaited drug free gut solution to our patients and families. Ready for immediate dispatch to your business.

DISCLAIMER: Do not use the Device as an alternative to the standard treatment. If symptoms persist seek further medical testing and advice.