I see Enterosgel® is an intestinal adsorbent, what is that?

A gastrointestinal adsorbent is a substance which adsorbs gases, toxins, bacteria and other pathogens in the stomach and intestines. It contains properties that attaches other substances to its surface. By adsorbing these harmful things, it can relieve the symptoms that come with many gastrointestinal conditions.

What is an enterosorbent?

Sometimes you’ll see Enterosgel® referred to as an enterosorbent, which is a term that comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘entero’ meaning inside or intestines and the chemistry term ‘sorbent’ which is a material which collects molecules by sorption.  

In short, it simply means Intestinal Adsorbent which is discussed in the answer given to the question just above.  

Enterosgel® only adsorbs particles that are in the lumen of the digestive tract.

What is the difference between an adsorbent and an absorbent?

An adsorbent adheres molecules to its surface layer while an absorbent allows those molecules to penetrate its surface layer. Enterosgel® is an adsorbent, meaning patients can have confidence that Enterosgel® is not absorbed into the intestinal wall and does not enter the blood stream. Instead, particles in the lumen of the gut adhere to it and are then excreted from the body taking symptoms of discomfort with them.

What does Enterosgel® taste like?

Enterosgel® is easy to take and has no taste or colour. Stir Enterosgel® into water or other liquids at room temperature or it can be taken off the spoon and washed down with fluid.

It has a gel consistency and can feel like soft mini jellies on your tongue.  

Is Enterosgel® suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, Enterosgel® does not contain any animal products therefore Enterosgel® can come to the rescue for vegans and vegetarians.

Can Enterosgel® be used with medications?

Yes.  Enterosgel® is non-medicated and acts to adsorb particles rather than biochemically react with other solutions in the body.  Enterosgel may however adsorb some of your medication so it is always advisable that you check with your Doctor prior to taking Enterosgel if you are taking medication.

It is recommended to take Enterosgel® at least one hour before or after taking your medications. In clinical studies, Enterosgel® has been used in conjunction with other medications.

Are there any side effects?

There are no major systemic side effects. However, constipation, nausea and vomiting are possible and it can cause a loss of appetite.  Keeping well hydrated while using Enterosgel® is highly recommended.

Do you need a prescription for Enterosgel®?

No, Enterosgel® is not medicated, which means it is available without prescription and much easier for patients to find relief.  Enterosgel is an Over-The-Counter product available in Pharmacies. Refer to our Where To Buy page for stockists in your area.

Is Enterosgel® available in other countries?

Yes, Enterosgel® is available in 40 countries including most of Europe, South America, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. And NOW we have it here to help Australians!

Please click here to enquire about overseas stockist details.

I am allergic to gluten, can I take Enterosgel®?

Yes, Enterosgel® is gluten free. Patients with gluten sensitivities and intolerances can also take Enterosgel®.

I am allergic to nuts, can I take Enterosgel®?

Yes, Enterosgel® is nut-free so it can be taken by those with nut allergy.

How long before I will see results?

Everybody is unique and will respond differently, and different conditions within the one body will respond differently.

Many people report relief from the symptoms of sudden-onset diarrhoea within 1-2 hours of their first double dose of Enterosgel®. While the diarrhoea may not cease that promptly, signs of improvement such as increased appetite and a reduction in stomach cramping are commonly the first improvements. Still, it is recommended for those with acute conditions to continue their Enterosgel® for 3-5 days.

For those with chronic stomach and intestinal illness, the signs that the Enterosgel® is working may simply be the cessation of long term symptoms. You may not feel much difference as the Enterosgel® does its work. The usual ‘detox symptoms’ which are common when taking other products such as chelating supplements are not often experienced by those on Enterosgel®. Those detox symptoms are from the liver and/or kidneys processing the increased load of waste products. It is this functional overload of the kidneys, liver and lymphatics that can increase sinus congestion, rashes and often cause diarrhoea. Enterosgel® works quite differently by acting only in the gut and then excreting bound particles with the stool.

For unexpected incidents such as food contamination, it is recommended to take Enterosgel® for 3-5 days. For existing conditions such as chronic irritations of the gut, Enterosgel® is recommended to be taken for 2-3 weeks three times a day.  Relief is at your fingertips, it is fast and effective and available now.

Please see your Doctor if symptoms persist as your symptoms my be a sign of a condition only diagnosable and treatable by your Doctor.

Can I operate heavy machinery and vehicles after taking Enterosgel?

Yes, Enterosgel does not affect your ability to operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles.

Is it possible to overdose?

No cases of Enterosgel overdose have been reported.  As the gel has a hydrophobic nature it doesn't interact with the mucosal lining of the gut.  This means it is not absorbed by the body and is excreted unchanged, therfore Enterosgel® is well tolerated in higher doses by patients including infants.  

It may be the case that those prone to constipation may experience worse constipation on a higher dose than after taking a lesser dose.

How is Enterosgel and Charcoal different?

This is a common question and easily answered. However due to restricted content allowed in Australia relating to registered products, it's difficult to answer this question openly.  We invite Healthcare Professionals to contact Dr Susan Walker (Chiropractor) at EnterosOZ directly for  all product comparisons and off-label queries about Enterosgel.  

What should I do it my packaging is damaged?

Do not use the product if there is damage to the tube or sachet.

While the outer box may sometimes get dinted or crushed in transit, spare boxes are available to businesses to swap-out before displaying products on their shelves. If your business requires more spare outer boxes for tubes or sachets after a rough freight ride please email us at Orders@EnterosOZ.com.au and we'll get some on their way to your store!

If you have any further questions, always ask your doctor or pharmacist. You may require tests to check for certain symptoms before any treatment or to determine if the device is suitable for you.

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