I have never wanted your product so much…

The other week I was in the chemist desperate with diarrhoea and needing something to help me get through some very important meetings (your product was not on the shelf – if it was I would have bought it in a heart beat) and I stood looking for ages and eventually bought Imodium.

The thing I am getting too, is she said I had bought the last packet as they had completely sold out due to an outbreak….Imagine if they had your product everywhere… I am now even more of an advocate.

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From Russia With Love

I have been using Enterosgel since I was a teenager as I suffer from a skin condition and my skin specialist recommended it to me. Now I use it on a weekly basis and take it with me everywhere.

My husband uses Enterosgel ritually when he returns after a night out as a means to cure hangover. 🙂

I moved from Moscow to Melbourne to be with my husband 1 year ago and I haven’t found any [intestinal] absorbents here in Melbourne anywhere. Luckily my husband was bringing back plenty of tubes in his luggage after each visit, so we had a year supply here when I moved.

So I love the product and believe in it. I’m very happy to hear that you’re bringing it here.


I recommend it to friends

I’ve been taking it for 2 months and it started to work for my diarrhoea in a matter of days. I’m generally quite good now and I’m not so worried about going out to eat – I’ve been out for lunch today! I’m very pleased with the results and I recommend it to friends and family. I can now even consider the possibility of a holiday which I could never have done before using Enterosgel.


Super Useful For My Family

Thanks for the info an introducing me to the Enterosgel. I did get some Enterosgel and it has pretty much been a miracle when I have used it and has been super useful for my family. Happy to hear how you have been using it with patients. Keep the info coming!


Diarrhoea brought home from school

After hearing about Enterosgel helping a friend, I purchased three large tubes to have in our medicine cabinet ‘just in case’.  Just before the end of the school year a stomach bug swept through schools and when one of our four kids came home with it I got the whole family straight onto the Enterosgel.  Thankfully the response was within a day and the rest of the family avoided infection while we kept up  a dose of Enterosgel each night.  We have continued to use Enterosgel as a ‘go to’ for many ailments, even indigestion and it has earned a permanent place in my family’s medicine cabinet. I always buy it in bulk.


Enterosgel saved us from Bali Belly

We were having a great family holiday in Bali until 3:40am when my 9 year old daughter cried out for Mum and then proceeded to be sick all over the bed.  And then did it again an hour later.  Whether it was the food she ate or the turtles, owls and iguana’s she patted, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that in the middle of the night and a long way from home, I had the perfect remedy on hand – my 90ml tube of Enterosgel.  It literally saved us.  Dosage was easy.  Consumption was easy.  Returning to good health was fast.  Normally my daughter can take around 3-5 days to kick one of these type of stomach bugs.  With Enterosgel it was gone in one!  You can be sure I will always have one ready in my medicine cabinet.


This pregnancy I had severe nausea and sickness

I have had severe nausea and queasiness during this pregnancy and have been using the Enterosgel to help my body during the early stages of my pregnancy. So far I have seen a noticeable difference in the discomfort and regurgitation and feel much less sluggish. What a fantastic product that could potentially help many women suffering from this during their pregnancy.